Introduction: What is Wallaby.js?

Wallaby.js is an integrated continuous testing tool for JavaScript. It runs your tests immediately as you change your code (you don’t even have to save the file) and displays various results (including the code coverage, error and console messages) right inside your code editor, next to your code. Wallaby.js is great for doing JavaScript TDD (Test-driven development) or BDD (Behavior Driven Development), but it works great for other approaches as well.

Wallaby.js consists of editor plugin to provide features such as the realtime feedback and code coverage:

and wallaby web app to provide strategic level features, such as the realtime bird’s eye view of your project’s tests connected to your editor:

Get started

To get started with wallaby.js in your editor, install the plugin, then have a look into our detailed tutorials for:

Along the way you will need to create a wallaby.js configuration file. There are a few sample projects with wallaby.js config files using various technologies to help you quickly create one.


Let the world know your project is using wallaby.js to test with this badge: