Value Explorer feature used together with Advanced Logging and Running Selected Tests features enables highly productive workflow.

Right now Value Explorer feature in only available in VS Code

Value Explorer integrates with Wallaby’s existing variable and expression output mechanisms (console.log, live comments, identifier expressions, and the Show Value command) to display values in an easy-to-navigate, real-time tree view. The tree can be expanded to any depth and can copy paths/values to the clipboard.

This feature is great for exploring the results of larger objects and makes debugging with Wallaby even easier and faster. Value Explorer nicely complements the existing Wallaby output window and inline displays which are ideal for simpler values (primitive types and simple objects).

VS Code

With Value Explorer you can explore values anywhere in your code and tests just as you would in a classical debugger, but without having to start and attach a debugger, place any breakpoints (or even add a console.log statement).

ValueExplorer in action