First of all, a quick reminder that wallaby.js 20% discount period ends in just 6 days. So if you have been planning to get yourself a license for JetBrains' IDEs, it's a great time to do it now.

Second piece of news is huge. Wallaby.js is expanding its horizons again, now we support Visual Studio 2013. Everything available in IntelliJ platform is also available to you here, including full TypeScript code coverage support and even node.js support with Node.js Tools for Visual Studio. Have a look into my recent blog post to get started.

And a few more important news.

  • PhantomJs 2 support. Using the new version may make your tests to execute even faster. Try it and let us know if you'd like it to be the default version.
  • Facebook Jest support. If you don't mind running you browser tests in node.js environment and enjoy automatic dependency mocking, then you are going to love Jest support in wallaby.js.
  • Freedom licenses. As we now support Visual Studio, we thought of providing you an option to purchase wallaby.js license once and rule all the editors that we support. Including those editors that we are planning to support in future, such as Sublime Text editor and Atom.

To wrap it up, let me share my neo-medieval Heroes of Might and Magic JavaScript and Testing article, which you hopefully find entertaining and amusing. Just go ahead and read it, good mood is guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, appreciate your feedback, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to be the first to receive all the news.

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