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Console Ninja PRO launch and lots of new features


We're always striving to add awesome new features that will enhance your development experience. We've been busy! In this newsletter, we provide an update of what we've been working on for the last 6 months.

Our team is passionate about creating awesome developer tools 🛠️. Together, Wallaby, Quokka, and Console Ninja provide a complete productivity tool-set that offers real-time feedback for JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

Console Ninja PRO Launch

After over six months of offering our advanced PRO edition features at no cost, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of Console Ninja PRO. A journey that began with our commitment to the community now takes a leap forward, ensuring that we continue to deliver the best developer experience for all our users. The funds we receive from PRO subscriptions will allow us to continue to invest in Console Ninja.

Both monthly and annual subscriptions are now available. You can find more information about PRO features on our website. As a part of the release, we are offering a limited-time 20% discount on the first term of all PRO subscriptions. This offer is valid until the 13th of October @ 00:00 UTC.

If you'd like to purchase, you can do so from our store.

Feature Updates

We mentioned in our last update that we had expanded our team. Since then, we've been working hard to bring you new features and improvements in all of our products. If you haven't been following our updates, we recommend following us on Twitter (@wallabyjs) and checking out our docs (Wallaby.js, Quokka.js, and Console Ninja). We've listed some of the highlights below.

New Console Ninja Features

Watch Points - allows you to keep the value of any logged expression displayed. While opened, values can easily be monitored for changes made to them as a result of your code modifications or some actions in your app.

React hooks logging and object diffing - when a logpoint is placed on a line with a React hook with some dependencies, Console Ninja logs the values of the dependencies that triggered the hook's callback function execution. This way you can spot the difference between current and previous hook dependency values with ease. You can also easily compare previous and current logged values side-by-side in a diff view.

Code Coverage - function logpoints now collect code coverage for your function calls. The coverage is displayed in the gutter of the editor, and is updated as you interact with your application or when you change your source code. For Wallaby.js and Quokka.js users, the coverage indicators will be a familiar sight. Colors of the gutter indicators can be changed in Console Ninja settings.

Log entry highlighting - allows you to highlight log viewer entries that are logged from the same place in your code. No need to add prefixes like console.log('!!! HERE', obj) to your logs any longer - highlighted entries are decorated with a visually distinct colored & numbered indicator. This feature makes it really easy to quickly identify specific log entries in scenarios with a lot of logs.

New Framework Support - in addition to keeping up with support for the latest versions of frameworks supported by Console Ninja, we have added support for Nuxt, Shopify Hydrogen, Qwik, Live Server, and Serverless Offline.

Multi-tool output - Console Ninja now displays logs from multiple tools running at the same time. The merged output provides a comprehensive view of your running application, eliminating the need to switch between multiple output sources.

Log Viewer PRO Breadcrumbs - provides a quick way of navigating the nested structure of your large logged objects.

New Wallaby Features

Real-time diff viewer for VS Code - Wallaby's side-by-side diff command has undergone significant improvements in user experience. It now not only displays the difference between the expected and actual values but also dynamically updates them in real-time as you make changes to your code.

Logpoints for VS Code and JetBrains editors - inspired by the same functionality in Console Ninja, Wallaby now allows you to simply add a breakpoint to log a runtime value. Logpoints can be used to quickly visualize runtime values within classes and functions by logging all lines within them. For VS Code, which supports inline breakpoints, if you want to be more precise about what to log on a line, you may place an inline breakpoint (Shift + F9) near/inside the expression that you would like to log.

Hover Improvements for VS Code - the hover behavior for VS Code has been improved for log values, errors, inline diffs and snapshots. New icon buttons have been added for copying values (logs, stacks, and expected / actual values from diffs) and existing behavior available in hovers has been moved to icon buttons.

Vitest Enhancements - Wallaby now supports new Vitest runner options such as running in a child process and the new experimental vm modules runner.

screen.debug() in @testing-library/react-native - Wallaby now supports screen.debug() when using @testing-library/react-native. This feature allows you to easily debug React Native components and views.

New in Quokka

Logpoints for VS Code - you can now use breakpoints to log values in your Quokka files. See the value of any expression without modifying your code, simply place a breakpoint next to the expression you want to log. Logpoints can be used to quickly visualize runtime values within classes and functions by logging all lines within them.

Node 20.x support - developers can leverage the newest features and improvements that come with Node 20.x while using Quokka. Whether you're keen on exploring the latest ECMAScript modules, enhanced performance tweaks, or other cutting-edge features, Quokka will provide you with a seamless experience.

First-class Yarn Plug'n'Play support - Plug'n'Play (PnP) is a different approach to package management introduced by Yarn. Instead of the traditional node_modules directory, PnP uses a single .pnp.js file to manage dependencies, ensuring faster and more reliable dependency resolution. Quokka now supports PnP out of the box, allowing you to use Yarn's PnP feature without any additional configuration.

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