The newsletter is just packed with news.

First, in case you have missed, wallaby.js now supports TypeScript, CoffeeScript and ES7 via Babel. Whether you are already using or would like to start using these languages in your tests or application code, wallaby.js has got you covered. The blog post also describes a couple of new extensibility concepts in wallaby.js, allowing you to implement any compiled-to-JavaScript language support in it.

And now to the main topic of the newsletter. Today I am happy to announce that we are starting to sell wallaby.js licenses, so if you are using and enjoying it, you may now help the project and invest into its future.

As I have been promising, wallaby.js license price is lower than prices of its commercial alternatives for other languages. Wallaby.js named license costs $100 USD, company seat license costs $160 USD. The licenses are perpetual and include free upgrades to all new versions released within 12 months. You may read more about the licenses and purchase one on our website. We have been listening to your feedback and for now delaying introducing any sort of subscription model.

As I have also promised, we are not going to make you pay without giving you enough time to decide about and plan the purchase. So I am happy to offer an early adopter license that allows you to keep using wallaby.js for free for 30 more days. The license key is at the end of the email, just paste it to wallaby.js when prompted about the license.

One last exciting thing I would like to share is a limited time offer if you would like to purchase a license sooner and save some money. For the next few days wallaby.js offers you a 20% discount on both named and company seat licenses. It means that if you buy the license right now, you will only have to pay $80 USD for a named license or $130 USD for a company seat license. Don't miss the opportunity to both help the project and invest into its future, as well to get the tool that can save you hundreds of hours of your work time for the price of a nice dinner or a console video game.

Thanks for reading, appreciate your feedback, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to be the first to receive all the news.

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