It has been about a month since our previous newsletter. Wallaby.js turned two months and we have a few news to share in case you have missed it on Twitter, in our GitHub repository and blog.

Latest news is that wallaby.js now supports Browserify and Webpack! If you are using module bundling in your project, wallaby.js can run your tests and run it fast. Not only it efficiently re-uses compiler instances to only re-build changed modules, but it also goes one step further and serves the generated bundle/chunk file by file to leverage browser caching in your testing environment.

Another great news is that both Browserify and Webpack plugins are open source, so feel free to have a look, hack and send PR requests to make it even better. Both are using new wallaby.js extension point called 'postprocessor'. In contrast with stateless, single file based and normally single responsibility preprocessors, postprocessor has more control over wallaby.js pipeline and allows to perform operations with many files that wallaby.js tracks. We will be updating our documentation shortly to cover the functionality, in a mean time you are welcome to have a look into the above mentioned repositories to get the idea what you can do with postprocessors.

One more detailed step-by-step tutorial was published, this time it is "Testing React applications with wallaby.js" blog post. From the tutorial you will learn how to test React apps, including components and JSX, and will see the picture of Homer Simpson demonstrating wallaby.js screenshot feature.

Speaking of fictional characters, you may also find interesting to read my article about how Super Mario has influenced wallaby.js or how the tool makes it possible to do real-world JavaScript live editing.

The last but not least bit of news is that I have quit my job and basically going "all-in" with wallaby.js. It is exciting and scary at the same time. But thanks to your support, kind words and feedback - it's way more exciting than it is scary. We are feeling proud making the right tool for the right people.

Finally, a few notes on the business side of things. As you may already know, in order to keep making wallaby.js better for you, our main plan is to build a sustainable business by starting to sell licenses/subscriptions in a couple months time (there'll be at least one month notice before it goes fully commercial). So in a sense, you, our users, are our main potential investors. By purchasing the tool, not only you're making yourself more productive straight away, but also helping the tool to become even better in future.

Having said that, we are also considering trying to attract some substantial external investment to boost the project evolution. So if you, someone you know or your company is interested in helping us, please let me know. You may find some more information in the article I have mentioned above.

Thanks for reading, appreciate your feedback, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to be the first to receive all the news.

Regards, Artem

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