Introduction: Output Inspector

Wallaby’s Output Inspector provides you with an ergonomic and convenient way of inspecting logged values and errors details in a rich editor-friendly manner.

Output Inspector is currently a BETA feature, available for VS Code only. If you have problems or want to provide us with feedback, please let us know.

Opening Output Inspector

When you use Live Comments or Live Value Display features and a logged value is too long to display as an inline message in your editor, Wallaby automatically shows the value in Output Inspector.

To inspect an error you may select a line with the error in your editor or else use the Show error context action or the Show Error command.

Working with Output Inspector

Output Inspector is a readonly code editor instance that has all basic built-in editor features such as syntax highlighting, copying, search etc. On top of that it provides a set of unique context specific actions implemented as code lens, commands and keyboard shortcuts which make it even easier and quicker to analyze and fix your test failures.

The main navigation shortcut is F12 which navigates you to source code depending on your current context (where your cursor is). For errors, you may also Go to error, Go to test, Debug test, Show side-by-side diff, Update to test snapshots, Go to snapshot, for Live Comments or Live Value Display you may Go to code, Go to test, Debug test and Reveal in Value Explorer by using the code lens actions.

Once Output Inspector’s window is opened beside your main code editor you may switch focus to it and back by pressing Ctrl+Shift+/ shortcut (or by calling Toggle Output Inspector Focus command). To close Output Inspector you may use Shift+Escape shortcut (Close Output Inspector command).

Output Inspector can show multiple output fragments (errors and/or values) together, however if you’re not interested in some of them anymore then you may delete them by pressing Del or Backspace keys anywhere inside an output fragment, in addition there also Remove code len is available on the top of an output fragment.


By default, Output Inspector is automatically displayed for large objects and errors. You may configure it to never automatically display, only automatically display for errors, or automatically display for all values (including smaller ones) using the Automatic Display and Automatic Display Debugger Override VS Code Wallaby settings: