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Exciting Sale, Console Ninja Pro, and other news

Hi there,

We are back with some exciting updates! We have some great deals for you, new features to share, and updates to Wallaby and Quokka. So, without further ado, let's dive right in!

May Sale

We're thrilled to announce our May Sale, which is currently live until the 17th of May @ 00:00 UTC. This is a perfect opportunity to get our tools at a discounted price. Personal licenses are currently on sale:

  • 50% discount on Quokka
  • 30% discount on the Wallaby + Quokka bundle
  • 25% discount on Wallaby

If you've been considering getting a license, now is the time!

If you already have a personal license, you can renew early and receive the same discount (or better, depending on your license type).

Console Ninja PRO Features

We continue to be astounded by the support of the developer community with their use of Console Ninja. We're now sitting at over 160,000 downloads and have around 60,000 people using Console Ninja every week!

While our Community edition will always remain free, we've been working on a paid PRO edition that will bring a suite of advanced features. For the last few months, we have been releasing PRO features and making them available to everyone to give you the opportunity to try them for free. We plan to launch the paid PRO edition in the coming months.

Logpoints, Function, and Class Logpoints

Console Ninja PRO introduces different types of logpoints. Regular Logpoints allow you to log any expression value without modifying your code, simply by adding a breakpoint. Function Logpoints enable logging every line of a function and its argument values, while Class Logpoints log every line of all functions in a class.

Hover Tooltip Pro and Log Viewer Pro

The PRO edition enhances the hover tooltip and log viewer. The hover tooltip now includes Copy to Clipboard and Search the Web actions. The log viewer gets a significant upgrade, with indentation guides, expand/collapse controls, and log entry grouping.

Output Filtering Pro

Output Filtering Pro helps manage large projects or those with a lot of output. You can control whether to capture and display errors, and you have more granular control on which log statements to capture and display.

Tracepoints and Timepoints

Tracepoints allow you to trace code execution, providing a stack trace and the value of the expression at the tracepoint. Timepoints enable you to measure the execution time of any block of code by placing a pair of timepoints in your code.

Support for Node 20.x

Keeping up with the latest technologies is important to us, and to ensure you can do the same, we recently updated Wallaby and Quokka to support Node 20.x. This update allows you to leverage the latest improvements and features of Node.js in your development process. If you use Node 20.x with ES loaders, be aware that Node 20.x introduced some breaking changes.

You will need to use the latest versions of Wallaby and Quokka if you want to use Node 20.x.

Improved Vitest Support in Wallaby

We've been busy keeping Wallaby's support for Vitest up-to-date with its frequent updates. We've done a lot of work to ensure that Wallaby and Vitest continue to play nice together, without any hiccups for any of our users. If you're looking for a testing framework, Vitest is worth checking out.

New in Quokka

We're continuously working on making Quokka better for you. Since our last update, we've updated Quokka to be compatible with the latest versions of VS Code and IntelliJ Editors, improved ES Modules support, improved Live Value displays for console.log statements, improved TypeScript integration, added first class support for pnpm projects, and added support for the latest JavaScript language features.

Our Team has grown!

We're thrilled to announce that our development team has grown! The talented Matthew Burnell has joined us as one of our Principal Software Engineers. His prowess will undoubtedly expedite the development of innovative features and improvements to all our products. We're excited about Matt joining our team and the potential this growth brings. We look forward to sharing the results of our expanded team's efforts with you.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, please reply to this email.

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Regards, Simon McEnlly

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