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Black Friday Sale, and EPIC new product features


We're pleased to announce our Black Friday offers alongside some significant enhancements to Quokka.js and Console Ninja. This year, we're focusing on providing you with more value, both through our discounts, and the introduction of new EPIC features that will enrich your development workflow.

If you don't already have Wallaby, Quokka, or Console Ninja, you may be interested in our massive discounts. These discounts are only available until November 27th @ 00:00 UTC. Personal licenses are discounted by:

If you already have a personal license, you can renew early (via your Wallaby Account) and receive the same discount (or better, depending on your license type).

Quokka Snaps for VS Code

Quokka's new Snaps feature is designed to address the delay between writing code and validating it. We believe this feature will revolutionize the way you write and validate code in real-time. With Snaps, you can execute context-aware code snippets directly in your editor, anywhere in your project, even when your application or tests are not working. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Quokka Snaps seamlessly allows you to run isolated snippets of code by simply typing {{ in your code file; VS Code will add closing }} automatically. The code between the braces will be executed and the result will be displayed inline in your code file. You can also add two backticks `` after the closing braces, and any logged values will be dynamically logged between the backticks in your file.

Currently, Quokka Snaps is a part of our PRO offering, but we're excited to make them available to our Community users for a limited time while we get feedback to shape the future of this feature. We have plans to make a limited version of Snaps available to Community users, but we're not sure what that will look like yet or when it will be available.

Looking ahead, we're excited about the next phase of Quokka Snaps. While we're not promising anything just yet, we're exploring potential enhancements like support for function scopes, integration with Console Ninja, and compatibility with frameworks like Vue and Svelte. Stay tuned for possible expansions, including support for JetBrains editors!

Console Ninja Predictive Logging

Console Ninja's new Predictive Logging feature is now available for all PRO users.

You may often find yourself in a situation where you need to log a value, only to realize that you need to see additional (or other) values to understand what's going on. This may result in multiple iterations of adding logs and re-running your app until you finally get the values you need. With the new Predictive Logging feature, Console Ninja PRO will now log additional values for you automatically, reducing the number of iterations required to get the values you need.

Predictive logging captures values based on logpoints and console.log usages. Lines with predicted values will display a ⚑ icon; hovering over this icon will show the captured values. Placing a logpoint on a line with a prediction will cause the values to display as if they were from a logpoint, both next to your code and in the Console Output window.

Right now, the prediction engine is based on a number of relatively simple heuristics. Over the next few months we will be enhancing it to use more sophisticated heuristics and exploring the possibility of ML-based predictions too, so stay tuned!

Wallaby Updates

In line with our dedication to keeping Wallaby at the leading edge of development tools, we've been focused on enhancing compatibility with the latest technology updates. Our recent efforts include adapting to the new versions of Node.js, especially in response to the substantial changes in its ESM hook API. Additionally, we've expanded our support to include the latest versions of Vitest, Jasmine, and NX workspaces, among others. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to ensure Wallaby's compatibility with your toolchain.

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