It's been a while since our previous newsletter. In this issue I will cover some things that happened in Wallaby.js ecosystem during the last few months, plus will make our new tool announcement.

Quokka for VS Code and JetBrains IDEs

We have released this new (and free) tool a few weeks ago, called Quokka.js. It is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting. Like Wallaby.js, but for quick experiments, prototyping, learning (and teaching).

Initially we have released it for VS Code, and today I'm happy to announce the release of Quokka for JetBrains IDEs, such as Webstorm.

Live comments

Everyone knows and loves the inline reporting feature of Wallaby.js. Recently we have taken it to the next level and introduced the Live Comments feature. Not only it allows to quickly inspect object values of any JavaScript expressions, even where a breakpoint is useless - like the middle of long chains of a fluent-style calls, but it can also be used to easily do code benchmarking.

Jest and Advanced Snapshot Testing

As you may know, wallaby.js fully supported Jest long before it was as popular as it is now, since jest@0.4.3. And no matter how good a testing framework may get, our goal is to always make it even better with Wallaby.js. This is why we have implemented a few features to make snapshot testing much easier than from CLI.

Wallaby App updates

Turns out many new Wallaby.js users don't know about Wallaby App. In case if you haven't seen it yet, check it out and get the live reports for your tests/coverage. We are constantly improving the app and also have plans to add some more interesting features to it.


We see more and more users migrating their apps to Webpack 2. Not only Wallaby.js supports the latest version of the tool, we are also constantly improving the performance of the wallaby-webpack package, so make sure to use the latest version of the package.


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