Introduction: What's New

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Most Recent Major Features and Changes

The What’s New section includes major features and changes that have been made in the last 12-18 months. For older news or more details about minor updates and changes, please refer to our changelog.

Map Stack Trace within console.log (07 Apr 2021)

If for some reason you are logging stack traces within console.log messages and you would like the stack traces to be mapped back to your original source code then you may use the mapConsoleMessagesStackTrace setting.

Update Snapshot Commands (01 Apr 2021)

Previously only VS Code and JetBrains editors supported Wallaby’s Update Snapshot commands. These commands now exist for all editors.

In addition to adding these commands, the Run Line Tests, Run File Tests and Run Project Tests commands no longer update snapshots; instead, use the Update Test Snapshots, Update File Snapshots and Update Project Snapshots commands.

Output Inspector (31 Mar 2021)

For VS Code, Wallaby’s new Output Inspector provides an ergonomic and convenient way of inspecting logged values and errors details in a rich editor-friendly manner. Information is displayed in a code editor window, providing rich keyboard support and allowing you to stay in your coding mindset so that you don’t lose your flow. This feature is also coming soon for JetBrains editors.

Yarn 2 Support (19 Mar 2021)

Wallaby now has first class support for Yarn 2. If you use Yarn 2 and want to use Wallaby, then check out the Yarn 2 section of our docs.

Support for Angular CLI v11.2 (04 Mar 2021)

The latest version of Angular CLI (v11.2) introduced a breaking change. The latest version of Wallaby now fully supports Angular CLI v11.2.

Test Story Viewer - Hide Repeated Code (02 Mar 2021)

For VS Code and JetBrains editors, Wallaby’s Test Story Viewer now allows you to quickly identify and hide repeated sequences of executed code pieces with the codelens action: Hide repeated entries like this. intention action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. This feature lets you focus on the important parts of the executed code and helps you maintain focus.

Some examples of repeated code may be utility functions (such as a logger), code repeated in a loop, and frequently executed functions that are callbacks (such as array’s .filter, .map, .reduce, etc.).

Once the repeated pieces of executed code are hidden from the test story, Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger will no longer step into the hidden pieces when moving forward and backwards through your code.

Previous major features and changes

Our what’s new archive contains the full history of our major features and changes (starting February 2020).

Full Change Log

Our changelog is available in our public repository. Please note that while we update our changelog every few months, we release new versions of Wallaby.js a few times a week (sometimes a few times a day).

Wallaby Roadmap

We can’t promise that we will deliver everything that we list below, but these are the current major features on our roadmap that we expect to focus on over the coming months.

  • Simplifying Wallaby.js configuration process.
  • Implementing better test debugging.
  • Implementing CI server support.
  • Support for more testing frameworks.
  • Adding more features to Wallaby.js App.

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