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Automatic Configuration for Wallaby.js

Hi there,

In our last email, we told you that we would be sharing some exciting news about Wallaby.js. At the beginning of July we released a new experimental feature for Wallaby, automatic configuration. Automatic configuration is available for projects that use Jest v24+ and is coming soon for other testing frameworks.

This change means that you can run Wallaby.js with Jest without a Wallaby.js configuration file. That’s right, it just works! Automatic configuration is available in each editor that Wallaby supports, you can find editor specific instructions here.

In the spirit of making Wallaby configuration easier, we’ve also being making a few other changes. You can read more below:

Documentation and Tutorials

We’ve completely overhauled our entire website, including our documentation to make it easier to understand Wallaby's capabilities, read through our docs, and find the information you're looking for.

We’ve added three new tutorials for popular UI frameworks to make getting started or switching to a different project type easier than before:

New Webpack Integration

We are now providing an additional, improved way of running Wallaby.js with Webpack that ships with Wallaby. The key difference between the new and old methods is that the new built-in postprocessor integrates with webpack’s loaders to perform instrumentation which allows you to use the same loaders as you use in your test, development and production webpack configurations. This aligns your Wallaby configuration with your Webpack configuration, means less work to get things up and running, and provides a consistent testing runtime experience.

Wallaby config in package.json

You can now add a wallaby section in your package.json file to configure Wallaby.js. With automatic configuration while you don’t have to configure your tests, you may still want to override some settings (e.g. delay time before running tests). Using package.json is a great alternative to creating an entire file just to override one or two settings.

Has your license expired?

Has your license expired and you want to try the latest features? You can now register for a free trial license on our website. If it’s been a while, be sure to check out automatic configuration, value explorer, and our tutorials.

What's next?

The next big thing for us will be the release of automatic configuration for Angular CLI projects. We are on track to release this for beta use before the end of September. If you want to be notified immediately as we release new features, follow us on Twitter.

We hope you enjoyed this update!


The Wallaby Team

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