Download and Install Wallaby.js

Wallaby is installed with a limited-time feature-complete demo license that periodically prompts you to restart your editor to continue using the tool. Trial licenses that allow you to evaluate without prompts and restarts are also available.

Wallaby supports non-commercial open source projects by providing anyone who wants to run an open source project tests with a best-in-class test runner tool free of charge.

To get Wallaby.js for Visual Studio Code, please install the Wallaby.js extension.

To get Wallaby.js for IntelliJ Editors (WebStorm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, IntelliJ IDEA or PyCharm), please install the Wallaby.js plugin.

To get Wallaby.js for Visual Studio, please install the appropriate version for your editor: Visual Studio 2022, or Visual Studio 2019, or Visual Studio 2017.

To get Wallaby.js for Sublime Text, please install the Wallaby package via Sublime Text Package Manager.

Once you have Wallaby.js installed and running in any of the supported editors, you may also use Wallaby.js App to get coverage reports and the realtime bird's eye view of your project's tests connected to your editor.