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Test Stories for JetBrains,
Free OSS License, Upcoming Webinar

Hi there,

Like we mentioned in our last newsletter, we hope that you are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. Like most businesses, COVID-19 has also impacted the Wallaby team. If you have an existing Wallaby or Quokka license and have genuine financial hardship that is preventing you from renewing your license, please let us know as we can help.

In this newsletter, we have a few key pieces of news we'd like to share:

  • Test Stories for JetBrains Editors
  • Free Open Source Licensing Model
  • Upcoming Webinar - 14th October, 2020

Test Stories for JetBrains (WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.)

In our last newsletter we shared the recent release of Test Stories for VS Code. The same functionality has also been available for JetBrains editors since July 15, 2020. The Wallaby team uses Test Stories to help debug and understand our own tests on a daily basis and we hope that like us, you will really appreciate this feature as a new way of debugging your code and inspecting what code is executing in a single logical view.

The Test Story Viewer is fully integrated with Wallaby's time travel debugger so in addition to the single-view of your code execution, you can also step in/out/over back and forth through your code, or run to a specific code line. Value Explorer is also integrated so you can simply select an expression in the test story viewer to have its value display. At any time you may use Wallaby’s "Jump to original code" intention action to open the original source code.

Since the initial release of the Test Story Viewer, we've made some pretty significant improvements to the debugger value selection feature. We've also added a new feature to detatch the test story from the debugger to see a read-only snapshot of your test's execution.

Free Open Source Licensing Model

The Wallaby team has always supported and contributed to the open-source community. In the last month we released our open-source license model to allow open source projects to use Wallaby for free. The open-source license is available for open source projects that:

  • Are publicly available on GitHub with an open source license.
  • Do not provide paid versions of open source software or any commercial services around the open source project (e.g. paid support, consulting, etc).

The license is available to everyone: project owners, project contributors, or even someone not associated with the project who just wants to open the project and play around.

Upcoming Webinar - 14th October, 2020

The Wallaby Team will be running a webinar on Wednesday, 14th October at 2PM (PDT). The webinar is suitable for both experienced Wallaby ninjas as well as those who have not seen or used the tool before. After introductions, we will give an overview on how Wallaby works, how to get started in VS Code and WebStorm, provide key feature walkthroughs (including a few secret gems), and describe how to use Wallaby to maximize your productivity.

If you're interested in attending, please register on our website.

Other updates

If you're interested in seeing what else has changed recently in Wallaby and Quokka, please check out our CHANGELOG.

Has your license expired?

Has your license expired and you want to try the latest features? You can now register for a free trial license on our website. If it’s been a while, be sure to check out time-travel debugger, test story viewer, automatic configuration, value explorer, and our tutorials.

We hope you enjoyed this update!


The Wallaby Team

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