git clone and npm install faster

Dingo is a VS Code extension that allows you to download, install and open git repos and the source code for npm packages from the comfort of your editor.

Dingo is brought to you with love by the Wallaby.js team. The source code is available on GitHub under an MIT license. While working on our Wallaby.js and Quokka.js products, time after time we found ourselves performing the same steps: find repo for npm package, clone repo, install dependencies, and then open in new instance of VS Code. We created Dingo to simplify this process and hope that others will also find it useful.

Using Dingo

Dingo is pretty simple to use, it has a single command that is launched using VS Code's command palette, Dingo: Open.

After running the Dingo: Open command, you will be prompted for the details of the repo or package that you want to open:

  1. The git repo URL or npm package name that you want to open.
  2. The tag or branch to open (immediately opens tags for npm packages).
  3. Whether to install packages before opening.


A few VS Code Settings are available to allow you to customize how Dingo operates: