About Us

Our story

Wallaby was founded in 2015 on the Gold Coast, Australia by Artem Govorov. Our goal has always been to create awesome developer tools that push the boundaries of what is technically possible and in doing so make software developers more efficient, more effective, and happier.

Wallaby started with a single product, Wallaby.js for JetBrains IDEs. Since then, our team and the products we offer has grown, a lot. Wallaby now has three major lines, Wallaby.js, Quokka.js and Console Ninja with offerings across 4 separate editors (VS Code, JetBrains editors, Visual Studio, and Sublime Text), a combined total of 10 separate products that we actively develop and maintain. Our team consists of numerous software engineers and testers who all share a common goal of creating world-class software development tools.

We now have 10,000+ companies all over the world (including many Fortune 500 companies) that use Wallaby to increase their productivity and output, and 725,000+ individual users and companies that use Quokka.

Wallaby has been self-funded and cash-flow positive since 2015 (our first year). Since then, Wallaby's earnings have been (and continue to be) reinvested to further our growth. As Wallaby does not have external investors, we have full control to set and execute on our vision to continue to create awesome developer tools for other software developers.

Our focus

At Wallaby, we believe that we should only create and sell products that we ourselves use on a daily basis. This allows us to truly understand our customers and feel the same pains that they do so that we can invent and innovate on their behalf.

We value our customers above everything else; without them, we would not exist. We aim to create a fantastic customer experience all the way from discovering our products, purchasing them, installing them, and through to support. We truly value and welcome customer feedback, it helps drive where we go next.

Our team

We've built a team of talented software engineers who are passionate about creating software development tools. Wallaby's leadership team share a common background in having worked for organizations that create software development tools and use their knowledge to grow the Wallaby engineering team.