Wallaby.js Help & Support

Getting Started

New to Wallaby.js? Our tutorials are a great place to get started. The tutorials show you how to install and use Wallaby.js in your editor and provide step-by-step instructions for configuring Wallaby.js with popular UI frameworks.

Read Documentation

Comprehensive and easily accessible documentation is available for Wallaby.js. If you're just getting started or you are not sure how something should work, our documentation is a great source of information.


Watch videos presented by the Wallaby team and JavaScript community leaders that show how to use Wallaby.js with various technologies and webinar by the Wallaby team.

Questions and Problems

Our issue repository is the best place to ask questions and report problems. You may also use our issue repository to make suggestions and request new features. All posts are public, which means you can search to see if someone has had the same issue before. Our team monitors and responds to issues daily. If for security or privacy reasons you are not happy to raise an issue through our issue repository, you may contact us at hello@wallabyjs.com.


Use Wallaby's community discord chat to discuss tips and tricks, and solve problems with the help of other Wallaby users. While our team can often be found there joining the conversation, for specific issues you should contact us via email or the issue repository so we can make sure we respond in a timely manner.

Something else?

If you have lost your license or want to renew an existing license, log in to your Wallaby account using your email address. If you have a pending order, or other sales enquiry then please email sales@wallabyjs.com. For all other questions or inquiries, please email hello@wallabyjs.com.