“Copy Value” for Wallaby and Quokka

  28 May 2019   2 min read

There is now a new command for all editors in both Wallaby.js and Quokka.js (PRO edition), “Copy Value”. The Copy Value command allows you to copy an expression value quickly without changing your code. If the expression being copied is a complex object, it will be automatically expanded before being copied. Note that complex objects may not always be auto-expanded (e.g. when an object is too big, contains cyclic references, etc).

Why did we add this feature?

One of our core beliefs is that we should only create products that we ourselves use daily. We believe it’s important for us to stay connected to our customers and truly feel the same pains that they do.

For the last week we have already used Copy Value in a number of scenarios:

  • Test assertions where Jest Snapshot Testing is not available/applicable.
  • Copy/Pasting run-time values (both within and between files).
  • Exporting run-time values from code editor to other applications.

We think this feature is going to be a big productivity booster and hope that you will also find it useful. We’re also keen to hear your productivity pain points, drop us a line at hello@wallabyjs.com.

Thanks for reading! As usual, we would love to hear your feedback on the features on Twitter, or our GitHub repo.