Wallaby.js Webinar Registration

The next free Wallaby webinar will be on Wednesday, 26th May 2021

26th @ 9 PM UTC 26th @ 5 PM EDT 26th @ 4 PM CDT 26th @ 2 PM PDT 26th @ 10 PM GMT+1 27th @ 7 AM AEST

Register to attend

Shortly after registering, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

You may reply to the confirmation email if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the webinar. If you register and are unable to attend, you will be notified when the Webinar recording is available.

Who is the webinar suitable for?

The webinar is suitable for both experienced Wallaby ninjas as well as those who have not seen or used Wallaby before. After introductions, we will give an overview on how Wallaby works, how to get started in VS Code and WebStorm, provide key feature walkthroughs (including a few secret gems), and describe how to use Wallaby to maximize your productivity.

High level outline (duration: ~60 minutes)

  • Overview – personal introductions, brief history of Wallaby 1-2 minutes
  • Getting started – how to install and setup Wallaby on a project with VS Code and WebStorm 5 minutes
  • High-level overview – how Wallaby works 1-2 minutes
  • Key Wallaby Feature Walkthroughs:
    • Wallaby App 5 minutes
    • Advanced Logging, Value Explorer, and Output InspectorNEW 3-5 minutes
    • Object Proxy 2-3 minutes
    • Time Travel Debugger 3-5 minutes
    • Test Story Viewer 2-3 minutes
    • Test ProfilerNEW 2-3 minutes
  • Maximizing Productivity with Wallaby:
    • Working on larger projects 2-3 minutes
    • Improving code coverage 2-3 minutes
    • Navigation with Wallaby commands and shortcuts 2-3 minutes
    • Problems view in VS Code 1 minute
    • Diffs and Snapshot Testing 3 minutes
  • Quokka.js demo (our other product) 5 minutes
  • Q&A 10-15 minutes