Real-time diff viewer for VS Code and more

  18 Sep 2023   1 min read

Show Side-By-Side Diff command has undergone significant improvements in user experience. It now not only displays the difference between the expected and actual values but also dynamically updates them in real-time as you make changes to your code.

You also have the option to pin the diff view, preventing it from closing automatically when an error is fixed, and customizing its position to suit your preferences.

In order to enhance the accessibility of essential Wallaby.js features for both new and longtime users who rely extensively on a mouse for their workflow, we’ve introduced a context menu to the coverage indicators within the editor. This addition simplifies the process of discovering and accessing these valuable features.

We’ve made another minor yet highly beneficial enhancement by improving the inline error messages for failed jest/vitest snapshots. Depending on the testing framework in use, we now provide the most relevant information about the disparity between a snapshot and an actual value, assisting you in promptly pinpointing the issue.