Value Explorer for JetBrains IDEs, Wallaby + Quokka bundle and more

  16 Jan 2019   4 min read

Today, we are pleased to announce some new features for both Wallaby.js and Quokka.js that we’ve been working on.

Value Explorer for JetBrains IDEs

Late last year we promised to add our Value Explorer feature to JetBrains IDEs, and today we are pleased to announce the addition of the feature to Wallaby and Quokka for JetBrains IDEs.

Value Explorer integrates with Wallaby’s and Quokka’s existing variable and expression output mechanisms (console.log, live comments, identifier expressions, and the Show Value command) to display values in an easy-to-navigate, real-time tree view. The tree can be expanded to any depth and can copy paths/values to the clipboard.

Wallaby Value Explorer for JetBrains IDEs

The feature allows you to explore values anywhere in your code and tests just as you would in a classical debugger, but without having to start and attach a debugger, place any breakpoints (or even add a console.log statement).

Quokka Value Explorer for JetBrains IDEs

Live Comment hint to auto-expand in Value Explorer

The live comment syntax has been extended for both Wallaby and Quokka to provide an easy way to auto-expand objects in Value Explorer. If you add the “+” sign to your live comment (//?+ or /*?+*/), then the object properties will be auto-expanded.

Use this feature with small- to medium-sized objects when you want to expand all properties in Value Explorer. Having the properties expanded also helps when using the ‘Copy Data’ action on the Value Explorer tree node, because it only copies expanded properties’ data. Auto-expansion is limited to a maximum of 10 nested levels of properties and a maximum of 5000 properties across all objects.

Not all properties are auto-expanded for various reasons — an object is too large to view it fully expanded, contains cyclic references, contains properties that are expensive to evaluate, etc.

Read more about this new features in our website docs for Wallaby and Quokka.

Wallaby + Quokka bundle

For a long time Wallaby and Quokka Pro licenses had been sold separately, however we have seen an increased demand from our users to have both products in their tool chain.

We are happy to announce that we have created a bundle product called Wallaby + Quokka that:

  • is managed with a single license key for both tools in all editors,
  • is available for both personal and company customers,
  • is available at a price that is better than buying the two products separately.

You can upgrade your existing Wallaby or Quokka license key to Wallaby + Quokka at any time using the links above (with a discount for any remaining days on your existing license).

Thanks for reading! As usual, we would love to hear your feedback on the features on Twitter, or our GitHub repo.