Introducing Value Explorer for Wallaby

  14 Nov 2018   1 min read

We released Value Explorer for Quokka just a week ago and received a lot of positive feedback from the community. We promised to add this feature to Wallaby and today we are pleased to announce Value Explorer for Wallaby for VS Code.

Value Explorer integrates with Wallaby’s existing variable and expression output mechanisms (console.log, live comments, identifier expressions, and the Show Value command) to display values in an easy-to-navigate, real-time tree view. The tree can be expanded to any depth and can copy paths/values to the clipboard.

The feature allows you to explore values anywhere in your code and tests just as you would in a classical debugger, but without having to start and attach a debugger, place any breakpoints (or even add a console.log statement).

Today, the feature is available in Wallaby (and Quokka) for VS Code. We are pleased to announce that over the next few months the feature will also be available in:

As usual, we would love to hear your feedback on the feature on Twitter, in our comments, or our GitHub repo.