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VS Code Open Diff Setting

17 Sep 2021

Wallaby for VS Code provides a new setting to control where the diff view is opened. The default is to open the diff view in the first view column. You may instead configure diff views to open in the active (current) view column or beside the current view column.

VS Code Interactive Tutorial

26 Aug 2021

Wallaby’s new interactive tutorial is ideal for showing new users how to use Wallaby. The tutorial may also be used by existing users who want to learn how to use new features when they become available.

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Test Explorer for VS Code

17 Aug 2021

Wallaby now supports VS Code’s built-in Test Explorer. The new Test Explorer UI shows all of the tests run by Wallaby and is updated in real-time and with context menu actions to quickly access relevant Wallaby commands.

New Jump to Line Test command

30 Jul 2021

Wallaby now has a new Jump to Line Test command in VS Code, and an intention action with the same name in JetBrains editors. When you run the command, Wallaby will show you the list of tests that are covering the line. You may quickly pick a test from the list and navigate to it.

Improved Error Detail Hover

30 Jul 2021

Wallaby now displays more error details (and corresponding actions) such as stack with code context in editor hover tooltips in VS Code. Simply move your mouse over a line of code with an error, or use VS Code Show Hover command on the line, and you will see the error details.

Jest Circus Runner Support

08 Jul 2021

As of Jest 27, jest’s default test runner was changed from jest-jasmine to jest-circus (which is meant to improve error messages, maintainability, and extensibility). Previously Wallaby always used jest-jasmine as the test runner when running tests in Jest regardless of what was configured. Wallaby now supports uses jest-circus when it is configured for your project.

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Mocha v9 support

12 Jun 2021

The latest version of Mocha v9 was released on June 8th 2021 and had a number of breaking changes to Wallaby / Mocha integration. Wallaby now supports the latest version of Mocha v9.

Angular v12 support

01 Jun 2021

Angular v12 included a number of significant breaking changes that required updates to Wallaby’s Angular integration. The latest version of Wallaby now fully supports Angular CLI v12.

Jest v27 support

26 May 2021

The next major version of Jest was released on May 25, 2021. The changes in this major version release required significant updates to Wallaby’s Jest integration, which we had been working on for a number of months with Jest’s beta releases. We were pleased to be able to release support for Jest v27 within a day after it was released.

hideFromErrorStackTrace Setting

25 May 2021

The files and tests sections of your Wallaby configuration now support an extra property, hideFromErrorStackTrace. The hideFromErrorStackTrace setting is a boolean property that defaults to false; if set to true, Wallaby will exclude the file from error stack traces.