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Mocha v9 support

12 Jun 2021

The latest version of Mocha v9 was released on June 8th 2021 and had a number of breaking changes to Wallaby / Mocha integration. Wallaby now supports the latest version of Mocha v9.

Angular v12 support

01 Jun 2021

Angular v12 included a number of significant breaking changes that required updates to Wallaby’s Angular integration. The latest version of Wallaby now fully supports Angular CLI v12.

Jest v27 support

26 May 2021

The next major version of Jest was released on May 25, 2021. The changes in this major version release required significant updates to Wallaby’s Jest integration, which we had been working on for a number of months with Jest’s beta releases. We were pleased to be able to release support for Jest v27 within a day after it was released.

hideFromErrorStackTrace Setting

25 May 2021

The files and tests sections of your Wallaby configuration now support an extra property, hideFromErrorStackTrace. The hideFromErrorStackTrace setting is a boolean property that defaults to false; if set to true, Wallaby will exclude the file from error stack traces.

Time Travel Debugger - maxTraceSteps setting

17 May 2021

By default, Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger limits the number of available debug steps to ensure that your computer’s performance (memory and CPU load) is not adversely affected. The default value of 1,000,000 steps may now be changed using the maxTraceSteps setting.

Output Inspector Settings

14 Apr 2021

For VS Code, Wallaby’s Output Inspector now provides settings to control when the Output Inspector will be automatically displayed. To adjust your settings, use the Automatic Display and Automatic Display Debugger Override VS Code Wallaby settings.

Map Stack Trace within console.log

07 Apr 2021

If for some reason you are logging stack traces within console.log messages and you would like the stack traces to be mapped back to your original source code then you may use the mapConsoleMessagesStackTrace setting.

Update Snapshot Commands

01 Apr 2021

Previously only VS Code and JetBrains editors supported Wallaby’s Update Snapshot commands. These commands now exist for all editors.

In addition to adding these commands, the Run Line Tests, Run File Tests and Run Project Tests commands no longer update snapshots; instead, use the Update Test Snapshots, Update File Snapshots and Update Project Snapshots commands.

Output Inspector

31 Mar 2021

For VS Code, Wallaby’s new Output Inspector provides an ergonomic and convenient way of inspecting logged values and errors details in a rich editor-friendly manner. Information is displayed in a code editor window, providing rich keyboard support and allowing you to stay in your coding mindset so that you don’t lose your flow. This feature is also coming soon for JetBrains editors.

Yarn 2 Support

19 Mar 2021

Wallaby now has first class support for Yarn 2. If you use Yarn 2 and want to use Wallaby, then check out the Yarn 2 section of our docs.