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Update Snapshot Commands

01 Apr 2021

Previously only VS Code and JetBrains editors supported Wallaby’s Update Snapshot commands. These commands now exist for all editors.

In addition to adding these commands, the Run Line Tests, Run File Tests and Run Project Tests commands no longer update snapshots; instead, use the Update Test Snapshots, Update File Snapshots and Update Project Snapshots commands.

Output Inspector

31 Mar 2021

For VS Code, Wallaby’s new Output Inspector provides an ergonomic and convenient way of inspecting logged values and errors details in a rich editor-friendly manner. Information is displayed in a code editor window, providing rich keyboard support and allowing you to stay in your coding mindset so that you don’t lose your flow. This feature is also coming soon for JetBrains editors.

Yarn 2 Support

19 Mar 2021

Wallaby now has first class support for Yarn 2. If you use Yarn 2 and want to use Wallaby, then check out the Yarn 2 section of our docs.

Support for Angular CLI v11.2

04 Mar 2021

The latest version of Angular CLI (v11.2) introduced a breaking change. The latest version of Wallaby now fully supports Angular CLI v11.2.

Test Story Viewer - Hide Repeated Code

02 Mar 2021

For VS Code and JetBrains editors, Wallaby’s Test Story Viewer now allows you to quickly identify and hide repeated sequences of executed code pieces with the codelens action: Hide repeated entries like this. intention action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. action: Hide repeated entries like this. This feature lets you focus on the important parts of the executed code and helps you maintain focus.

Some examples of repeated code may be utility functions (such as a logger), code repeated in a loop, and frequently executed functions that are callbacks (such as array’s .filter, .map, .reduce, etc.).

Once the repeated pieces of executed code are hidden from the test story, Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger will no longer step into the hidden pieces when moving forward and backwards through your code.

Support for Svelte Files

28 Feb 2021

Wallaby now supports .svelte files, showing coverage and logged values inside script blocks.

Please note that if you have any preprocessors (e.g. TypeScript) then you will need to ensure that source maps are available for them and enabled in your Svelte configuration in order to get correct coverage and line indicators.

Improved Show/Copy/Debug Value Selection

05 Feb 2021

We made significant improvements to Show Value detection when using Show Value, Copy Value, and Debugger on selection. This update enables fuzzy token selection instead of previously having to select an exact token to output. In addition to being able to show values for additional syntax constructs, the feature also now has better support for code transpiled with TypeScript and Babel.

Sticky Values

03 Feb 2021

For VS Code and JetBrains editors, Wallaby now allows you to view any number of values (Show Value and Debugger on selection) without changing or editing your code. Inline values now survive code changes and are updated with their latest values, as you type. A few new commands are available, Clear Value (Escape), Clear File Values (Escape, Escape), and Clear All Values (clears values in all files).

Run to Breakpoint

28 Jan 2021

For VS Code and JetBrains editors, Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger now provides two additional commands to Run Back to Breakpoint and Run Forward to Breakpoint. Use your editor’s standard debugger breakpoints with these commands to improve your Wallaby debugging experience.

Jest Performance Improvements

27 Jan 2021

With the help of the Wallaby’s Test Profiler we’ve made incremental runs of Jest tests up to 5 times faster. The default create-react-app generated test takes Jest CLI runner ~430ms in watch mode to run, the same test takes Jest + Wallaby ~80ms.