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Jest Performance Improvements

27 Jan 2021

With the help of the Wallaby’s Test Profiler we’ve made incremental runs of Jest tests up to 5 times faster. The default create-react-app generated test takes Jest CLI runner ~430ms in watch mode to run, the same test takes Jest + Wallaby ~80ms.

Test Profiler

14 Jan 2021

Our first big feature of 2021 is expected to be a game changer for many of our users. The Test Profiler allows you to quickly and easily get the CPU Profile for any test. No configuration is required, one simple click and you will see the CPU profile for a test.

Wallaby Webinar

14 Oct 2020

The first free Wallaby webinar was run on Wednesday, 14th October 2020. If you missed out, you may watch the webinar recording. The feedback from both new and existing Wallaby users was overwhelmingly positive with many saying they learned a number of new tips and tricks.

Wallaby Open Source Licenses

17 Sep 2020

Wallaby is now available for free for Open Source projects that:

  • Are publicly available on GitHub with an open source license.
  • Do not provide paid versions of open source software or any commercial services around the open source project (e.g. paid support, consulting, etc).

Wallaby Test Story Viewer

15 Jul 2020

For VS Code and JetBrains editors, Wallaby’s new Test Story Viewer provides a unique and highly efficient way of debugging your code and inspecting what code your test is executing in a single logical view. The viewer is fully integrated with Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger, which means you can simply select a variable or expression to see its runtime value. Having the executed code displayed in a single continuous view really cuts down on context switching that you may experience in a traditional debugger experience.

Dingo VS Code Extension

29 May 2020

While not directly related to the Wallaby product, the Wallaby team created and released the Dingo VS Code extension that makes it easier to download, install and open git repos and the source code for npm packages, right from the comfort of your editor. The source code is available on GitHub under an MIT license and the extension is free for everyone to use.

Exclusive Test Run Feature

24 Mar 2020

If you are working in a larger project and only want to run a subset of tests, Wallaby’s new Exclusive Test Run feature for VS Code and JetBrains IDEs allows you to start Wallaby for a selected file or folder using the Start Exclusive Test Run command.

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Time Travel Debugger

01 Feb 2020

Wallaby’s Time Travel Debugger allows you to move forward and backwards through your code to understand the conditions that led to a specific bug. The Time Travel Debugger accelerates your edit, compile and debug loop by allowing you to jump to a specific line of code, view runtime values, edit-and-continue and step into, over and out of your code. The debugger is available for VS Code and JetBrains editors.