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Real-time diff viewer for VS Code and more

18 Sep 2023

Show Side-By-Side Diff command has undergone significant improvements in user experience. It now not only displays the difference between the expected and actual values but also dynamically updates them in real-time as you make changes to your code.

Support for screen.debug() in @testing-library/react-native

09 Aug 2023

We are excited to announce support for screen.debug() using @testing-library/react-native in Wallaby. This feature allows developers to easily debug their React Native components and views, improving the overall testing and development experience.

Vitest Runner Enhancements

25 Jul 2023

Wallaby now supports Vitest when configured to run tests in child processes. When Vitest v0.0.29+ is configured with threads: false, tests are run in a child_process instead of worker_threads. This change in where your tests are executed allows APIs like process.chdir to be used, which were not available when running with Vitest’s default worker_threads. To benefit from this enhancement, ensure your Wallaby and Vitest are updated to the latest versions.

Hover Improvements for VS Code

05 Jul 2023

Hover behavior for VS Code has been improved for log values, errors, inline diffs and snapshots. New icon buttons have been added for copying values (logs, stacks, and expected / actual values from diffs) and existing behavior available in hovers has been moved to icon buttons.

Jasmine v5.x

22 May 2023

Wallaby now supports the latest version of Jasmine (v5.0.0). The latest version of Jasmine included breaking changes that required updates to Wallaby’s integration. To use the latest version of Jasmine, please ensure you’re running the latest version of Wallaby.

Vitest v0.31.0

19 May 2023

Wallaby now supports the latest version of vitest (v0.31.0). The recent update of vitest included breaking changes that required rework of Wallaby’s integration.

Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI Support

11 May 2023

Wallaby has been updated to support wslg (Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI). This allows you to run your tests in a Linux environment while using the Windows GUI. This allows you to start your browser tests and have them run from your WSL environment instead of using your Windows version of Chrome. To use wslg, you will need to explicitly configure the path to Chrome with the env.runner property.

Node.js 20.x Support

03 May 2023

Wallaby now supports node.js v20.x. The recent update of node included a number of breaking changes to projects and tools that use ES Modules.

Vitest v0.30.0

13 Apr 2023

Wallaby now supports the latest version of vitest (v0.30.0). The recent update of vitest included a number of breaking changes due to internal vitest changes.

Capture console.log setting

27 Mar 2023

By default, Wallaby will capture and display any console.log values that are executed by your code and tests. This behavior can now be changed with a new captureConsoleLog setting.